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Vaudeville Theatre, London4.8120 reviews

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Top Rated Show
Top Rated Show
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The gap between how we imagine our lives to be and how they really are is the subject of Bill’s new show LIMBOLAND. With his trademark intelligence and sharp wit, he tells tales of finding himself in this halfway place.

From his countless global travels, he recounts the hilarious saga of a disastrousfamily trip to Norway to see the Northern Lights. He rails against a world that doesn’t match up to our expectations and contemplates the true nature of happiness.

And no Bill Bailey show would be complete without music, so we have Bill’s version of the protest song, a heart-‐rending country and western ballad played on a Bible, and a fabulously downbeat version of Happy Birthday.

Additional Information

Running time

2h30min. Monday to Sunday at 8pm

Performance dates

14 December 2015 to 10 January 2016

Venue Information

Vaudeville Theatre404 Strand, London, WC2R 0NH

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Customer Reviews

120 reviews4.8

Sigrid Werner21st January

Bill Bailey was fantastic. Though the facilities at the theater (Vaudeville) for disabled customers are not at all.

Amanda Goulding20th January

Fantastic, I laughed so much my mascara ran. Note to self - remember to wear waterproof next time we go to see Bill. And yes, the rest of the party enjoyed the show very much too.

sharon chandler19th January

Excellent show, hysterically funny, brilliant musician, and not a swear word in sight! Highly recommended. Vaudeville theatre was small and personal. Beautiful building

Julia Niblett19th January

Original and hilariously funny

Jane Wilson18th January

Very very funny. I had tears rolling down my cheeks. You sympathise with his frustration at himself - despite his brilliance he gets it wrong in life like the rest of us.

Louise Hunter18th January

A very enjoyable afternoon. The Limboland show was very entertaining with Bill Bailey showing just how talented he is.

Bryan Hollier18th January

Bill Bailey was fantastic and huge fun. My only complaint is about the toilets or should I say lack of toilets in the theatre and as my wife has a disability she was told that if she wanted to use a disabled toilet she should go to the Aldwych theatre down the road.This would make us think twice about going to the Vaudeville theatre again. Even if it was to see Bill Bailey again !

Dean Vincent18th January

A great show, intellectually inspired and musically comic. I didn't stop laughing Such a quick ordering process when I did a last minute booking

Jamie Hoey18th January

I've never laughed so hard!

Jayson Young18th January

Easy ticket purchase! Great venue! Most importantly, Great show!

Shelley Williams17th January

Brilliant show; laughed until my jaw ached. Wonderful intimate setting & Bill Bailey on excellent form.

Neil Thomas17th January

hillarious and very entertainting.