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Lyric TheatreLondon
Witness Declan Bennett's unfiltered autobiographical debut

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Following the thrill of encountering Sister Act 2 for the very first time, navigating the tough roads of Coventry donning his NAF jacket, and wandering the solitary aisles of Hobbycraft - this autobiographical debut by Declan Bennett is a blend of electric humour, and authenticity, and recounts the story of a man evading his youthful self. Book your tickets now!

About Boy Out The City 

In Boy Out The City, Declan invites us to venture deep into the intricate and tumultuous realm of toxic masculinity, homophobia, and men's psychological well-being. He fearlessly tackles his formative years in a Catholic school in Coventry, unearths the vibrant Gay scene of 90s Soho, and emerges triumphant from the unforgiving brilliance of New York City's lights.

The creatives of Boy Out The City 

The Boy Out The City is created by Declan Bennett, both as its author and performer. Guided by Director Nancy Sullivan, this production is brought to you by Lauren Reed Productions in collaboration with Paul Taylor-Mills.

Declan Bennett is an accomplished English singer-songwriter, actor, and playwright. Initially recognised as part of the band Point Break, his journey unfolded in London's West End and later evolved into a solo music career. On screen, he's played Charlie Cotton in the beloved soap opera EastEnders, and Jonathan Roberts in the ITV series The Long Call.

Boy Out The City tickets are available now!

Follow the story of a man gripped by an urgent quest for his true self and mental well-being. When unexpectedly thrust into the solitude of the Oxfordshire countryside, he finds himself entangled in a battle against the ghosts of his history. In this process, he must confront the figure known as the Boy Out of The City, but will he succeed? Book your tickets and find out!