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The Duck House Tickets

Vaudeville TheatreLondon
'The Duck House proves genuinely hilarious' The Telegraph

Ben Miller stars in The Duck House at the Vaudeville Theatre an outrageous new laugh out loud comedy set in a world of dodgy receipts, dodgier deceit, and pure Parliamentary panic.

The Duck House is set in May 2009 when Gordon Brown’s Government is in meltdown and a General Election is just one year away. Labour backbencher Robert Houston loves being an MP and will do anythingto save his seat – including change sides. All is going well with his switch from red to blue until, on the eve of his final interview with Sir Norman Cavendish, a Tory grandee, the Expenses Scandal breaks.
As public fury mounts over taxpayers’ millions being frittered away on second homes, hanging baskets, moat-cleaning and duck houses, Robert and his secretarial staff (aka wife Felicity, student son Seb, gorgeous girlfriend Holly and Russian housekeeper Ludmilla) find themselves in big, big trouble. 
✭✭✭✭ 'light as a feather, funny as a quack' Theatre Cat
✭✭✭✭ 'a ribald farce … genuinely hilarious' The Telegraph
 'it’s fast and it’s really funny' The Times
'blissfully funny' Independent
'a farcical romp.........ribald seasonal entertainment' Evening Standard
'a fine production' Financial Times
✭✭✭✭ 'comedy gold' London Theatre Guide 
'a pretty ripe comedic stew' BBC News Online
  Joining Ben Miller as the MP who's got it all and has claimed for most of it in The Duck House are Nancy Carroll as his wife Felicity, Debbie Chazen as Ludmilla, their Russian Housekeeper, James Musgrave as his student son Seb Houston, Simon Shepherd is Sir Norman Cavendish, Tory grandee and Diana Vickers as Seb's gorgeous girlfriend Holly
Tony & Olivier award-winning Terry Johnson (Hysteria, End of the Rainbow) directs The Duck House which is by two writers who’ve been making fun of politicians for decades: Dan Patterson (BBC2’s Mock the Week) and Colin Swash (BBC1’s Have I Got News For You and Private Eye).
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