Matilda the Musical "this production is star class"

By Jade Ali
Friday 15 June 2018

The West End is a pretty dazzling place and has numerous musicals on offer that just scream “must see” at you but Matilda the Musical certainly stands out to me after having seen it for the first time just recently. Like many others, I always loved the Matilda movie (and book) and wasn’t sure how this would translate onto the stage, especially with the addition of the musical aspect. Of course, when you go see a musical that is an adaptation, you are going to make comparisons, but this won’t be at the forefront of your mind when the curtains go up.

Matilda the Musical Review

From the moment you take your seat, you are completely transfixed, the incredible set completely capturing your attention and transporting you into a Matilda the Musical bubble, ready for the show that’s to come. With the first song comes the initial thought, “this isn’t like the film at all”, but that is quickly forgotten as you get lost in the singing and dancing before you.

Writing an adaptation must be difficult at the best of times, but to take something so wildly loved and well known and turn it into a musical, takes not only a lot of talent but guts. Tim Minchin certainly pulled it off though, sparking a whole new lease of life into the story of Matilda. The direction of the story and the songs makes this musical stand out and will have you falling in love with this childhood favourite all over again – at least it did for me.

There are many productions that include the tricky addition of child actors and it’s always a surprise to see just how well children handle their roles, but this musical gives a whole new spin on that. No matter what, there’s that part of your mind that doubts just how well children can act, sing and dance when posed with the challenges that a West End stage brings. The task of handling the pressure of a live audience and captivating them whilst performing must be a difficult feat for an adult never mind a child but, on the surface, you wouldn’t think it was a problem for these young actors.

The talent is simply overwhelming, the songs are phenomenal, the dancing perfectly choreographed as well as performed and the sets are nothing short of stunning (not to mention cleverly brilliant). This production is star class through and through and is thoroughly entertaining for people of all ages – I’m pretty sure the adults were laughing the loudest. This is certainly a must see for any theatre lover or anyone in search of a brilliant day/night out. A hit for the whole family!

Matilda the Musical is playing at the Cambridge Theatre and tickets are currently booking until October 2019. You can book your tickets using our interactive seating plan to ensure the best seats at the best prices here.



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Jade Ali

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