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    Shanine Salmon Articles

    Review: Aladdin "The most colourful and fantastic musical on the West End"

    Posted on | By Shanine Salmon |

    There has been a lot of excitement and, dare I say, hype surrounding Aladdin. It is a classic story and people have a... Read more

    The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time: 'Beg, borrow and steal to get a ticket'

    Posted on | By Shanine Salmon |

    4 years old, three theatres later and National Theatre’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is s... Read more

    In Appreciation Of The Bodyguard

    Posted on | By Shanine Salmon |

    I am unashamedly excited about The Bodyguard returning with Beverley Knight on 15 July 2016 to the Dominion Thea... Read more

    Matinee Idle: A Lazy Afternoon At The Theatre

    Posted on | By Shanine Salmon |

    I recently went to see King Lear at Theatre Royal Brighton. I live in South London and couldn’t resist a sunny ... Read more

    Cinderella tickets London Palladium. Book Cinderella pantomime tickets at the London Palladium this Christmas

    Cinderella: Dream Pantomime Casting

    Posted on | By Shanine Salmon |

    London Palladium confirmed their first panto, Cinderella in 29 years. The venue used to be was once synonymous with a... Read more

    An American In Paris List Images

    The Allure Of The Silver Screen On Stage

    Posted on | By Shanine Salmon |

    With the news that An American In Paris transfers to Dominion Theatre in March 2017 it is clear that for American mus... Read more

    "I Can't Feel My Legs!"- Leg Room At The Theatre

    Posted on | By Shanine Salmon |

    I was recently worried that I had exhausted my theatre blogging subjects so asked friends and acquaintances "Wha... Read more

    In Praise Of... Unreserved Seating

    Posted on | By Shanine Salmon |

    I am aware some will look at this headline with confusion, maybe even repulsion but I can explain. Unreserved seating... Read more

    No Man

    Are Theatre Memberships Worth It?

    Posted on | By Shanine Salmon |

    In my ever growing quest for cheap theatre tickets, I like my average ticket cost to be around £15-20 over a ca... Read more

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