Doctor Who immersive London experience to open in February 2021

Updated on 21 August 2020

Originally tentatively scheduled to open in 2020, the eagerly anticipated opening of Doctor Who Time Fracture: An Immersive Adventure has now finally been revealed by Immersive Everywhere. The interactive theatre experience is set to open in February 2021 with tickets set to go on sale this Thursday (20 August 2020).

Doctor Who Time Fracture experience to open in London's West End in February 2021

Created by the same team who brought you the highly successful Great Gatsby experience, which now holds the theatre record for the UK's longest-running immersive production, Doctor Who Time Fracture is guaranteed to blow you away this winter.

The production opens 17 February 2021 at the Immersive | LDN venue (formerly a military drill hall from 1890) and is booking through to 11 April 2021.

What is Doctor Who Time Fracture: An Immersive Adventure about?

The year is 1940 and the Blitz is at its most rampant. An unidentified weapon destroys a small corner of Mayfair, inadvertently opening up a rift in space and time. UNIT has fought for decades to protect citizens of Earth from the dangers it posed, but they've been forced to retreat as the fracture continues to multiply out of control.

Earth as we know it is in peril - now is your chance to step up to the plate and wear the cape. Travelling to unbelievable places, confronting malicious monsters and battling ancient extraterrestrials along the way, this is a journey across space and time to save the human race and our beautiful world.

Featuring an original story arc, Doctor Who: Time Fracture will call on audiences to become immersed in the world of Doctor Who. Placed at the heart of all the action, audiences will meet such iconic alien races as the Time Lords, Cybermen, and Daleks. Are you up for a mission to save the universe across two different time periods?

Doctor Who: Time Fracture will also give guests the chance to meet a character from Time Lord Victorious, the brand new multi-platform Doctor Who story by BBC Studios.

Doctor Who Time Fracture immersive creative team

Officially licensed by BBC Studios, Doctor Who Time Fracture: An Immersive Adventure is directed by Tom Maller, who is perhaps best known for his work on Secret Cinema's Casino Royale, Blade Runner, and 28 Days Later. The show is written by Dark Tourism's Daniel Dingsdale and features production design by Rebecca Brower, BBC consultant James Goss (Dirk Gently, Torchwood), and the creative team of Immersive Everywhere.

Director, Tom Maller said: "We are incredibly excited to be at the creative helm of this project. It has been an enjoyable experience already, working with BBC Studios to make sure Doctor Who: Time Fracture not only meets the extremely high expectations of fans, but exceeds them.

Writer Daniel Dingsdale stated: "Drawing from the rich legacy of Doctor Who, which spans over half a century, we are creating an adventure that will entertain both fans that have immersed themselves in the show's universe for years, and audience members who will walk in from the street having never seen an episode. It's going to be an absolute blast."

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