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Jimmy Carr: Terribly Funny Tickets

Palace TheatreLondon
Jimmy Carr brings Terribly Funny to London's Palace Theatre

Tickets to Jimmy Carr: Terribly Funny in London on sale now!

Funny man Jimmy Carr comes to London for an extremely limited run at the Palace Theatre this November. Sometimes you need to laugh so you don’t cry and it seems like there is no better time than now for Jimmy’s brand new show that turns terrible things on their heads. Don’t miss your chance to laugh through all the terrible things, book your tickets to see comedian Jimmy Carr on stage at the Palace Theatre.

What is Jimmy Carr’s Terribly Funny all about?

This brand new show from Jimmy Carr, one of the best selling comedy acts in the UK and presenter on 8 Out of 10 Cats, is sure to ruffle some feathers. Terribly Funny has jokes about all kinds of terrible things. If you’re easily offended you’d best sit this one out, political correctness at a comedy show is about as welcome as health and safety at a rodeo. 

We’ve all had terrible experiences. Terrible things have happened to you, or people you know and love. It’s time to laugh in the face of these terrible things. You’ve been warned, now buy a ticket for the most terribly funny show in town!

Palace Theatre is a COVID secure venue!

The capacity of the theatre has been reduced to comply with guidelines for social distancing. There will be hand sanitation stations throughout the theatre and audience and staff members will be required to wear face coverings. Track and trace measures will be followed in addition to contactless ticketing and payment methods along with the regular deep cleaning and sanitation of the theatre. 

You will be contacted by the venue 48 hours prior to your show to check in and retrieve your e-tickets.

Jimmy Carr in London for a limited time only!

Seats are limited and terribly funny comedy is just the tonic we’re all looking for. Don’t miss your chance to catch Carr being terribly funny. Book your seats to Terribly Funny at London’s Palace Theatre this November.

Please note: E-Tickets will be given. Online Venue Check-In: You will be contacted by the venue 48 hours before the performance with instructions on how to check-in and retrieve your e-ticket