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Ute Lemper: Rendezvous with Marlene Tickets

Arcola TheatreLondon
Ute Lemper: Rendezvous with Marlene

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Ute Lemper: Rendezvous with Marlene tickets are available now!

This incredible show is based on real conversations between two incredible performers-- one just beginning on the path of a long and varied career, and one looking back at a career which many people dream of, but nearly none achieve. 

In 1987 Ute Lemper won a Moliere Award. She was a beautiful German singer, actor and cabaret performer so the comparisons to Marlene Dietrich were almost inevitable. After her award-winning role in Cabaret, Lemper decided to reach out to Dietrich. She sent a postcard essentially apologizing for the constant media attention comparing the young actress to Marlene. Ute was just beginning her career in theatre and music while Marlene had an incredible half-century-long career to reflect on. Though it had been more than a decade since she had stopped working the star had a life of film, music, costars, romances and fame to look back on.

Ute Lemper returns to the stage

Based on a real conversation that took place between the two women 30 years ago Rendezvous with Marlene sees Ute Lemper return to the West End stage with her strikingly personal one-woman show. Though many biographies, documentaries, homages and stories about Marlene Dietrich exist this one, Ute says, this one is her personal tribute. 

Based on the unbelievable tales told by a woman who had led an astonishing life, Rendezvous with Marlene will mix history, drama, destiny, politics, nerve, sex appeal, glamour, talent and an incredible career together in a mixture that is uniquely Dietrich. Presented by Ute Lemper herself, Rendezvous with Marlene is an inside look at a legend of the stage and screen.

Ute Lemper: Rendezvous with Marlene tickets are extremely limited. The show comes to London's Arcola Theatre for 1 week only. Book tickets for Rendezvous with Marlene now to guarantee your seats for an evening of starshine.