Top theatre shows to see this February half term

Posted on 3 February 2024

February half term is almost here, and we can’t wait! The holiday is filled with our favourite things, heart shaped chocolates, mountains of chocolate covered pancakes and a free week to see the very best shows in the West End (accompanied by little tubs of chocolate ice cream, of course).

Whether your entertaining big ones, or little ones, the West End has a stack load of productions perfect for your family. So, leave the batter covered whisk in the sink to ‘soak,’ ignore the batter stain on the ceiling, and escape into one of these sweet London shows.  



This snowy spectacle just hits differently when there’s a chill in the air! Based on the Disney animation that took the world by (snow)storm in 2013, Frozen the Musical has been delighting prince and princesses of all ages since 2021.

Packed with visual thrills and gorgeous choreography, the multi-award-winning show completely dazzles and delights, yet never loses the core message that made the original story so special.

Love, magic, and princesses, Frozen may seem like a traditional fairytale, but as Anna soon realises, looks can be deceiving. Out with the tired tropes, there are no rushed royal weddings or damsel in distresses here. This is a true love story of a sister’s bond.

When the newly crowned queen accidently plunges her Kingdom into an ice-cold winter, her sister, Anna, embarks on a quest to bring back summer and mend her relationship with her big sister. With the help of an ice harvester, a loyal reindeer, and a talking snowman, the unlikely rescue team journey through the icy wilderness to find Elsa and return Arendelle back to its former glory.

The Lion King

Roaring its way into its 25th year, The Lion King has been taking pride of place in London’s theatre scene for a quarter of a century! 

Bursting with jaw dropping puppetry, stunning visual effects and a thunderous live score, our love for The Lion King ‘ain’t no passing phase’…

The Disney classic follows Simba’s epic transformation from a wide-eyed cub to courageous leader. Running away from reality, and fuelled by fear, Simba finds himself navigating the African plains with unlikely BFFs, Timon and Pumbaa. However, as the cub grows into adulthood, and after a lecture from a wise baboon, he is forced to confront his father’s death, and is reminded of his responsibilities and the true meaning of his  identity. With newfound determination, Simba returns to the Pride Lands to confront Scar and reclaim his place as the rightful king.

Family, friendship, and the circle of life, The Lion King’s inspiring story of good vs evil continues to ‘move us all’.  


We may not be as smart as Matilda, but we know that exhilarating choreography + award-winning songs = one hell of a show.

Inspired by everyone’s favourite childhood novel from Roald Dahl and brought to the stage by Tim MinchinMatilda has been a hit in the West End for over a decade.

The only thing bigger than Matilda’s intellect is her imagination. The little girl harnesses her astonishing abilities to escape into fantastical worlds far away from the awful adults that dominate her life. Specifically a green haired car sales man, and a hammer throwing headmistress…

Celebrating the power of intelligence, kindness, and standing up for oneself in the face of adversity, Matilda might leave you feeling a little bit naughty!

Mrs Doubtfire 

Half terms are all about seeing the family, so why not pop in and say ‘Hello, dear!’ to the worlds favourite hip old granny, Mrs Doubtfire!

Based on the 1993 classic comedy of the same name, the Scottish nanny is cooking up a storm in the West End (when she’s not setting fire to it…). A hilarious hurricane of impressions, dodgy teeth and prosthetics, Mrs Doubtfire is a whirlwind of a (wo)man.              

Following the divorce of voice over artist Daniel and career woman Miranda, three children are carted between their family home and dads new, but very decrepit, flat. Eager to spend more time with his kids and seeing an ad in the paper from his ex-wife advertising a position for a childminder, Daniel does what anyone would do, and disguises himself as a Scottish nanny.

As he gets lost in his new character, he also grows closer to his kids than he ever was before, and he learns more about how to be a father than he ever anticipated. But how long will his charade last before he gets exposed?

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Sure, going to school during the school holidays may sound dull, but it isn’t when the corridors are filled with witches, wizards, and the odd ghost (in both sense of the word)!

Almost two decades since the legendary Battle of Hogwarts, the boy who lived has all grown up. Now a fully-fledged adult, Harry realises defeating he who must not be named is childs play compared to raising them!

While Hogwarts most notable alumni receives a visit from a dying man, Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs. Forever marked by his history, Harry Potter is not always present as a dad, and his youngest son Albus feels left in his fathers shadow.

To make his school life more bearable, Harry's son, Albus Potter, and his unlikely best friend, Scorpius Malfoy, decide to change the narrative forced upon them, and endeavour to become the heroes of their own story. Overhearing the dying man’s request that his father refuses to fulfil, Albus and Scorpius steal a Time-Turner to travel back into the past and attempt to save a life, trapping the pair in an exhilarating race against time.


Just because schools out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a thing or two this half term. Don’t miss your shot to see Lin Manuel Miranda’s multi-award-winning historical hit.

The hip-hop revolution follows Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant orphan who rises through the ranks to become George Washington's right-hand man and Aaron Burr’s sworn enemy.

The story of the first Treasury Secretary of America doesn’t scream ‘Tony award winning cultural phenomenon’ but it’s growing awards cabinet begs to differ. The explosive musical is packed with soaring melodies and breathtaking dance that’ll leave you feeling ‘helpless’. Guns and Ships, one of the epic 46 songs featured in the production, is billed as the fastest song in Broadway history, with Lafayette rapping a whopping 6.3 words per second. (a speed we could only dream of our dreary History teacher employing!)

2.86 million people watched Hamilton in the first 12 days it appeared on Disney+, but nothing beats being in the room where it happened.

When is half term 2024/25?

Half-term dates vary across the UK for different schools; however, they generally tend to fall during the same months. The February half term falls in the middle of the month, the summer half term begins at the end of May, and the October half term tends to fall in the last week of the month. You can find your child’s half-term and holiday dates on your local council’s website.

Half-term theatre tickets in London

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