What’s on at Sadler’s Wells 2019? – Upcoming Events at Sadler's Wells

Posted on 25 February 2019

If you're looking for the best of the best when it comes to dance shows, look no further than Sadler’s Wells. This company is famous for putting on truly unforgettable, contemporary dance productions and even famously served as the venue for the acclaimed 1995 premiere of Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, which went on to become an international sensation.

As the venue often features newly commissioned pieces from the world's top companies and choreographers and serves as an incubator for new raw talents, it's no wonder fans of dance flock to the Sadler's Wells theatre every year to see something new. And this season is no different, as the company is not only set to bring back the brilliant Matthew Bourne and his unique, unmissable rendition of Romeo & Juliet, but also a whole series of other must-see events! 

Here are the shows and events to look out for at Sadler's Wells this season!

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Romeo & Juliet  HOT TICKETS!  (running 7-31 August) 
Matthew Bourne’s Romeo and Juliet is a reimagining of Shakespeare’s arguably most popular play. Everyone knows the story; two rivalling families create a barrier for these two star-crossed lovers as they attempt to overcome the divide in order to be together. Though it's no secret how this tragic story ends, the conclusion still never ceases to shock and amaze. Now, this Shakespeare classic will continue to be appreciated in a new light as Matthew Bourne puts his own trademark stamp on it, infusing the passion into the tragedy while both directing and choreographing the wonderful New Adventures company.
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Victoria (running 26-30 March)
Northern Ballet are back again, and in case you weren’t already aware, they have an array of award-winning productions in the back pocket of their tutus. This ballet company has more than a knack for displays of great narrative, which is beyond important and evident in their telling of Queen Victoria. Whilst a historically powerful character, the magnitude of both her love and grief for the loss of Prince Albert sees Queen Victoria crumble. History is still besotted with her and rightfully so, her complexity making her one of the most interesting women of all time. Cathy Marston, critically acclaimed for her work in Jane Eyre, is back at it, her choreography bound to bring the vivid distinction it has in the past.
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Somnium: A Dancer’s Dream (running 20-22 June)
Dancers dancing to showcase the struggles of dance. The title Somnium: A Dancer’s Dream certainly does say it all. Starring World Latin Showdance Champions and Strictly professionals Neil and Katya Jones, this is set to be a treat for the eyes and soul. The story is a classic; a British boy meets a Russian girl, the pair fall in love and overcome the odds in order to become dance stars. Of course, the real-life Strictly couple star as the lovers, which is also choreographed and directed by Neil Jones. This show is set to be a passionate affair from beginning to end as they dance their way through the complications of a modern love story.
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Unleashed (running 25-26 June)
Unleashed, a new ballet, comes from Ruth Brill, the choreographer for Birmingham Royal Ballet. This double bill on the first front aspires to be a modern twist of Sergei Prokofiev’s original Peter and the Wolf with its fusion of ballet and urban influences. On the other front, we see a new work from Didy Veldman, who comes together with a tremendous creative team for the first London revival of Lyric Pieces by Jessica Lang.
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She Persisted (running 4-13 April)
Brought to you by the English National BalletShe Persisted is the sequel to She Said. The ENB first made headlines back in 2016 when the company celebrated women in dance and gave their voice a platform. They’ve now commissioned three female choreographers for this follow-up, once again, to revive Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s Broken Wings, a biopic piece on legendary Frida Kahlo, and Pina Bausch’s Le Sacre du Printemps. The third part of this triple bill will also feature Stina Quagebeur's new work entitled Nora, which marks her first main stage commission and is inspired by Henrik Ibsen's play, A Doll's House.
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Also featured as part of the Sadler's Wells season...

Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch New Piece II Alan Lucien Øyen
(running 22-25 February)
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BalletBoyz: Them/Us (running 5-9 March)
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Russell Maliphant & Vangelis: The Thread (running 15-17 March)
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Mark Morris Dance Group: Pepperland (running 20-23 March)
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Damien Jalet & Kohei Nawa: Vessel (running 16-17 April)
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Aracaladanza: Play (running 19-20 April)
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Yang Liping: Rite of Spring (running 9-11 May)
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Rambert: McGregor/Motin/Shechter (running 14-18 May)
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TAO Dance Theater: 4 & 9 (running 24-25 May)
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Birmingham Royal Ballet: Hobson's Choice (running 28-29 June)
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By Jade Ali

A love for theatre stemmed from my love of literature and music, but the West End on my doorstep opened up a whole new appreciation and passion for all things stage-y