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Gielgud Theatre, London4.5259 reviews
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The Ferryman tickets are now available for the extended run! Rosalie Craig and Owen McDonnell star in Jez Butterworth's hit show.

Jez Butterworth’s The Ferryman broke records at its premiere when it became the Royal Court's fastest-selling show. After critical acclaim and great demand from audiences the Gielgud Theatre transfer, directed by Sam Mendes, must end May 19th, 2018.

It's Northern Ireland in 1981, The Troubles are in full swing. The Carney family is preparing for the yearly harvest as they always do, following a hard day's work with a night of celebration. This year, though,  something is different.

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“Leaves you overwhelmed by the power of great theatre" Huffington Post
“A class of its own” The Times
“A monumental achievement” Time Out

Additional Information

Age restriction

Adolescents under 14 will not be admitted.

Running time

3hr 15min (inc. interval)

Performance dates

Booking until 19 May 2018.


Recommended for ages 14 and above.

Special notes

Please note this play contains strong language.

Venue Information

Gielgud TheatreShaftesbury Avenue, London, W1V 8AR

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Customer Reviews

259 reviews4.5

Mr Almond24th May

If I could give no stars - I would! This play was full of gratuitous swearing which made it completely distracting to understanding any of the characters in depth. Together with the unbelievable character of Tom Kettle and the not funny 'jokes', the sooner I can forget about this experience the better.

JG - London21st May

Very good script, good acting by most of the adults, not by the majority of the children. Unf. the diction of most of the adults was poor, so although I have excellent hearing, I only understood about 75% of what was being said. What was outstanding was the effect that "The Troubles" had on ordinary people, which was not altogether common knowledge in the UK at the time, so for that I applaud the play. Overall I expected to be on the edge of my seat, and I was not. The actors being mic'd I feel led to their inability (or lack of training) to project and enunciate. The chap who played Muldoon was exceptional, very very good indeed.

Jane Oldfield19th May

Absolutely brilliant! I experienced the whole range of emotions. One of the best plays I've ever seen.

Natasha Collis18th May

Wonderful play with amazing performances but the first half was a bit long - it took too long to set up the characters. Three hours is too long to be sitting in theatre seats.

gordon percy26th April

The acoustic was terrible, and sitting row Q (not the farthest from the stage, not the closest), we couldn't hear the comedians well enough. Some of the comedians had a voice so low or unintelligible, that we missed most of the dialogues, and jokes. We still wonder why they were not equipped with microphones.

Paula Byrom25th April

Good show however sound production needs improvement

Barbara Burns25th April

As the daughter and wife of people from Northern Ireland, I struggled at first with the accents. Many failed to convince and the play felt laboured which meant it took longer to fall under its spell. At the end of Act 1 the jury was still out. However having had such a close association with the province all my life, the play was excellent. It captured so much of the emotion conflict of the time. (Although in our family I don’t remember bottles of Bushmills disappearing so fast.) I would love to see the play again performed perhaps in Belfast or Dublin where more of the subtle quick fired houmour would be picked up by the audience. Full marks to the writer.

Mick Witherspoon25th April

Brilliant thoroughly enjoyed it

leah boyle24th April

Excellent play, really enjoyed it!

adrian coxon24th April

Really good play, cast and production, I've been dissapointed by big west end shows recently but this one is definately worth seeing!


Fantastic performance of all the actors in this fascinating,vibrant enactment of this complex fast moving portrayal of a very sensitve and politcal set within a large farming family with humour. We were gripped from the beginning and have spent time discussing the happenings on stage with our family of 7 who were present in the John Guilgud theatre on Saturday night 21st April. We were in row B of Grand Circle however and had difficulty viewing a large part of the stage because we were blocked by the heads of people in the front row leaning forward. So we had to concentrate on hearing only at times. great shame.

Jane Burke19th April

Enjoyed the play, good actors across the generations, but sitting at the back of the stalls I found it quite hard to always hear the words of some of the actors especially the younger ones who were getting laughter as a response from those nearer the front. I'm sure this would be fine in a smaller venue, any chance of small mikes for them?