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London Palladium, London3.7159 reviews
Ukrainian ballerino Sergei Polunin prances his way to the West End with a new mixed programme

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Tickets to see Sergei Polunin are no longer available through London Theatre Direct.

Ukrainian artist Sergei Polunin brings an all-new mixed bill to the West End’s London Palladium!

What to expect from Sergei Polunin at London's Palladium this summer

Sergei Polunin's latest appearance in London features a mixed programme that has been split into two. Programme 1 is a triple-bill that is set to run from 28 May to 30 May and includes such one-act ballets as Paradox (choreographed by Japanese choreographer and dancer Yuka Oishi), Fraudulent Smile (set to the music of KROKE and choreographed by Ross Freddie Ray), and Sacré (also choreographed by Oishi). Paradox stars first soloist of the Belgrade National Theatre, Dejan Kolarov, and first soloist of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Music Theatre first, Alexey LyubimovSacré is tanztheater solo piece starring Polunin that is set to Stravinsky's classic The Rite of Spring.

Programme 2 is set to run from 31 May to 1 June and will feature the long-awaited world premiere of Rasputindirected by Oishi, along with a final ballet to be announced in due course. Rasputin stars an ensemble cast that includes Polunin, and it explores the life of the legendary Russian mystic and holy man who befriended the family of Tsar Nicholas II. Rasputin was famously depicted in the animated musical film from the '90s, Anastasia, as possessing supernatural powers.

For further information about each of the programmes and their casting, take a look at our casting announcement.

About world-class ballerino Sergei Polunin

Sergei is known as a miracle child who became the youngest Principal Dancer at age 19 to perform for the Royal Ballet in London. He is also widely considered to be ballet’s ‘bad-boy James Dean’ and infamously abandoned ballet after he began to grow tired of it, claiming it had robbed him of his childhood and his teenage years. A series of scandals involving alcohol and drugs ensued in his attempt to make up for his lost youth. Quitting the Royal Ballet in 2012, he claimed that the artist in him had died.

Flashforward three years later and Sergei made his triumphant return to ballet with the help of a clip shot by renowned photographer David LaChapelle in which he dances to Hozier’s “Take Me To Church.” The video went viral and currently boasts over 25 million views! And just like that at the drop of a hat, Sergei was back in the game!

Now Sergei Polunin is everywhere and can be seen performing in Hollywood films and adverts for famous luxury brands. Following his film debut in Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express, Sergei famously starred opposite Jennifer Lawrence in the Russian spy flick, Red Sparrow, as well as in Ralph FiennesThe White Crow, a film based on the true life of Russian ballerino Rudolf Nureyev.

Sergei collaborated with Hozier once more for their hit single, “Movement,” and has also collaborated with Rankin to create his acclaimed Sergei x Rankin dance video, which featured music by art-rock group Husky Loop. As one of the most sought-after ballet talents, tickets to Sergei Polunin’s performances will often sell out in a matter of minutes.

Sergei Polunin London Palladium tickets sanctioned due to a series of disparaging comments

Tickets to see Sergei Polunin are no longer on sale due to the star's hateful speech against the LGBTQ+ community and against plus-size people.

Additional Information

Age restriction

Children under 5 will not be admitted.

Running time

To be confirmed.

Performance dates

28 May – 1 June 2019


Recommended for ages 5 and above.

Special notes

Programme 1 will run from 28 to 30 May and will feature three one-act ballets: Sacré, Paradox, Fraudulent Smile.

Programme 2 will run from 31 May to 1 June and will feature the world premiere of Rasputin plus a final ballet to be announced later.

Venue Information

London Palladium8 Argyll Street, London, W1F 7TF

Customer Reviews

159 reviews3.7

Alix Boudet18th June

The show was amazing ! Sergei Polunin must be the best dancer ever !

David Welford7th June

My Wife and I saw Sergei Polunin perform at the Palladium and have never been so disappointed in our lives. I felt particularly sad for my wife, as it was one of her Christmas presents from me to her, it should have been a delight. But no, It was Terrible, dreadful, Rubbish; it wasn't ballet, in fact I doubt one could even call it dance. He, and the very limited number of others wandered around the stage aimlessly looking for some kind of salvation - I don't think they found it, I certainly saw none. The first piece was really weird; two girls in suspenders and stockings, the males in trousers with braces and all with white painted 'death masks'? What is that all about? A disgrace. The second piece was some kind of political statement about western consumerism with some misguided individual shouting out a shopping list. The third was no better; Polunin was mesmerised by a circle of dead leaves until as if by some miracle he finds hidden in it a large Pink Rope which he then proceeds to wrap around himself. All in all complete and utter nonsense by some 'luvvy' choreographer with her head in a very strange place, and clearly Polunin fell for it! Now, the sound track;- Yes, a sound track! Not even a single musician in sight. The music, and I use the word quite incorrectly, was dire in the extreme; somewhere between a dirge of a death march and cat being strangled - and, it was loud, so loud my wife had to tear up a tissue and shove bits in her ears. It started late, and finished at about 21.40. Taking into account the interval I doubt it lasted and hour and a half, which some might consider a blessing. Of that the main man, Polunin, wasn't to be seen for more than about fifty minutes, and for a fair portion of that he was lying on the stage; probably ashamed of what he had let himself in for. Quite frankly I feel I was robbed! It was a lot of money for a rubbish performance and canned sound. Daylight robbery. When one visits a place like the Palladium to see probably the finest dancer of his time you have the right to be lifted to a higher plane not dragged down in despair. Yours regrettably David Welford. One final point; it is not possible to submit these comments without giving at least one star. If there was a choice I would give it less than no stars.

MsAnnaA Pustulka7th June

The dancers were clearly very skilled, but the choreography and the setting didn't give them a chance to showcase these skills. Overall, quite a disappointment.

Joanna Andreano5th June

Programme was much too short

Mike Hayes5th June

Absolutely brilliant in every respect!

Polina Granger4th June

Fantastic performance!

Irene Silvester3rd June

I throughly enjoyed the Ballet However I had no clue which ballet I was watching I gather throughout the week each day was a different ballet ?Was disappointing no programs were on sale at the beginning of the show they were afterwards.Was a short ballet have seen Sergei perform before and for longer performance the youngest member of the ballet was outstanding !

Paula Lorenzo Chiva3rd June

I saw the documentary 'Dancer' (2016) in where Polunin's life is related. I think his life is really interesting, as well as the way he has faced all his issues. So I went to the theater expecting a Polunin that was going to make me feel overwhelmed. I do not have any doubt in his inner talent, his dedication in his profession and the amazing sensitiveness he has. Nevertheless, the show did not make me feel that way. Even though there were nice moments, and having been there was totally an experience, I expected way more from the show. I expected more dance, more expression, more truth. So that is why i cannot give a higher rate. However, Polunin, as much as the hole crew that worked for the show are really talented, and I wish them the best. But think about working more the truth in the show through the dance!!


An interesting and challenging production. A bit short for the price paid

D Wojtowicz3rd June

I relished the opportunity to see Sergei Polunin dance in London - and enjoyed the performance of Rasputin. All members of the cast were excellent.

Nettie Humphreys3rd June

Greatest disappointment I have ever experienced Shared by every member of the audienceto whom I spoke after the show..Show started 20 minutes late,no explanation ,short ,boring performance from Polunin,saved by the young lad Kalenic,a delight ..spoke to people who had travelled from.....Czechoslovakia ,Dublin ,North UK ,America....yes each ready to adore & enjoy this great artist...Polunin Total time of actual performance cannot have exceeded the hour ? People coming out asking “Is that it ? “ Perhaps he was ill ,or saving himself for the evening performance...demanding for any dancer To return home & view the video of “The Church “ was great compensation But travel to watch Polunin dance live ? Never

Doris Tallian3rd June

Show was ok though not clear what Sergei's contribution was. Young boy playing Nicolas was best part of the show