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Doctor Who Time Fracture banner image
Doctor Who Time Fracture banner image
Doctor Who Time Fracture banner image
Doctor Who Time Fracture banner image
Doctor Who Time Fracture banner image
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Doctor Who Time Fracture Tickets

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Immersive LDNLondon
The TARDIS flies into London in 2022 for the new Doctor Who immersive production.

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Tickets for Doctor Who Time Fracture An Immersive Adventure on sale now for the 2022 West End run!

The TARDIS may seem like it's tardy to the West End party, but the wait is finally over because The Doctor is here to make a London house call. Doctor Who Time Fracture is just the ticket sci-fans have been waiting for and this new immersive experience is set to take Theatreland by storm. Are you ready for it? Deep beneath the London city streets at Immersive LDN, a portal is opening, our timeline is being ripped to shreds, and the fate of the human world as we know it is threatened with being thrown out of balance. 

Doctor Who immersive theatre tickets are in high demand, so be sure to book your tickets as soon as possible to secure your spot in this fantasy world brought to life!

What to expect from Doctor Who Time Fracture?

This unprecedented and groundbreaking immersive experience will place you in the heart of the story set during the 1940s Blitz raids, eventually thrusting you forward into a cosmic adventure across space and time split between two time periods. In this epic event, a huge challenge awaits you as you dive headfirst into gorgeously-rendered worlds open for exploration, meet amazing characters (including the Time Lords, Cybermen, and Daleks), and encounter treacherous pitfalls and dangers. The universe we know and love is in jeopardy and now is your chance to step up to the plate, be your journey's hero, and save your precious planet from catastrophic destruction.

The brains behind the immersive Doctor Who operation

Doctor Who Time Fracture is produced in partnership with BBC Studios and Immersive Everywhere, the same company behind the UK's most successful and longest-running immersive production of all time, The Great Gatsby. It is directed by Tom Maller (Secret Cinema's Casino Royale, 28 Days Later, Blade Runner) and features a new story arc written by Daniel Dingsdale (Dark Tourism), production design by Rebecca Brower, and the creative team of Immersive Everywhere.

The Doctor Who immersive experience has opened its HQ to new recruits. It is currently unknown whether a famous Doctor Who actor such as David Tennant will reprise their role for this special adaptation, but given the immersive nature of the production, it is highly unlikely.

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