Our Top 10 West End Shows for Valentine's Day

Posted on 4 February 2019

Every year come February, Valentine's Day rolls around and every year, the gifts seem exactly the same; from a bouquet of red roses and a heart-shaped box of chocolates to a stuffed teddy bear and a fancy dinner. We've all been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. But this year for Valentines Day, why not try something a little bit different and see a romantic West End show? Treat your date to a not-so-typical gift with tickets to one of these 10 West End shows on for Valentine's Day!

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You won’t need a love potion to be in the good books with your date come this February 14th – let the phenomenal cast of Wicked defy gravity for you and leave you to soak up the romance. Or alternatively, you and your valentine can defy Valentine’s and focus on the unlikely friendship that’s at the heart of this spellbinding musical.
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Phantom of the Opera
Currently the second longest-running musical in the West End and having made itself right at home at Her Majesty's Theatre for 33 years, Phantom of the Opera is without a doubt a classic and would be the best way to indulge in theatre and romance on the day of Saint Valentine.
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Mamma Mia! 
My, my, how can you resist Mamma Mia!, and on Valentine’s Day too? See where it all began and get lost on Sophie’s journey of self-discovery accompanied with all the ABBA hits that you know and love. Be a super trouper for your date this Valentine’s with tickets to Mamma Mia!
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Motown The Musical
What’s love without a bit of soul? Watch the great tale of how Motown broke down barriers and shaped lives by giving us some of the greatest artists of all time. Why don’t you and your date (or you and your valentine) move to the beat with the funkiest jukebox in town?!
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Tango Fire
Forget Strictly Come Dancing, The Tango Fire Company are here to whisk you away, and their speedy precision and passionate rhythm will have you feeling the heat. Accompanied by the Tango Fuego Quartet and vocals from Jesus Hidalgo, the live music and sensual dancing will certainly bring some fire to your evening.
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The Book of Mormon
If you’re looking for something a little cheeky, something a little sinful, something a little hot… well then, perhaps it’s a ticket to the hilarious comedy that everyone is desperate to see. Whether you want a friend’s night this Valentine’s or just looking for the perfect date night, The Book of Mormon has got you covered. Get ready to laugh yourself silly while making sure you please everybody this V-Day.
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School of Rock
School of Rock is pretty much perfect for anyone and everyone – so if it’s a new love interest you’re trying to impress, this musical is bound to do just the trick, especially if they love a bit of rock and roll. On the other hand, you could stick it to the man and rock out to this heart-warming musical with your friends and/or family.
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Les Miserables
You won’t have to dream a dream and neither will your significant other if you treat them with tickets to the legendary Les Miserables. Let this tale of love, justice and revolution, earn you brownie points this Valentine’s day.
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So, you won’t get a romantic magic carpet ride of your own, but you’ll still get to see a whole new world if you get tickets for Disney’s Aladdin this February 14th. This musical brings you a story and soundtrack you already know and love and injects even more magic, colour and indescribable feelings into the mix. It’s the perfect use of a genie wish for sure.
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The Lion King
The Lion King is one of the most successful and loved musicals all around the world. It’s a show nothing short of stunning; from the feel-good songs to the jaw-dropping special effects, it’s spectacular all around. Take a trip to the Pride Lands and you’ll be feeling the love on Valentine’s night for sure.
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