9 more movies added at The Drive In cinema in London this summer!

Updated on 21 July 2020

The appetite for attending cultural events and experiencing live entertainment in an isolated, contactless way is growing stronger and it shows! Tickets for the recently unveiled venue The Drive In at Troubadour Meridian Water in Enfield are selling faster than anyone could have predicted. Backed by overwhelming demand, the new drive-in cinema — which was announced following the news that the ENO would be staging drive-in opera performances at the Alexandra Palace Theatre — has just added nine additional blockbusters to their summer programme. From the racially-charged horror flick Get Out starring Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams to the cult-classic film Back to the Future, The Drive In cinema in London just keeps getting better! Find out what films have been added to the drive-in line-up below.

9 new blockbuster films added to The Drive In at Troubadour Meridian Water!

Get Out
Daniel Kaluuya (Black Panther, Doctor Who) steps into the role of Chris Washington, an African-American nervous about visiting his white girlfriend's parents house in upstate New York. It turns out Rose, played by Allison Williams (HBO's Girls, Netflix's The Perfection), has more than just racist parents... they're hiding something far more sinister.

πŸŽ₯ Showtimes5 July 2020 at 10.50pm
πŸ‘¨ Rated: (15)
πŸ•™ Runtime: 99 minutes

Sweet goody-two-shoes Sandy Olsson (played by Olivia Newton-John) falls in love with greaser Danny Zuko (played by the iconic John Travolta) during summer break. Can the two rekindle the flame now that they've unexpectedly found out that they attend the same high school? Thanks to Grease, you don't have to be alone at the drive-in movie in London this summer!

πŸŽ₯ Showtimes5 July 2020 at 4pm, 10 July at 10.55pm
πŸ‘Ά Rated(PG)
πŸ•™ Runtime110 minutes

Back to the Future
When 17-year-old Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) is accidentally sent thirty years into the past in Doc Brown's (Christopher Lloyd) time-travelling DeLorean, he soon discovers he must get his parents to fall in love or risk ceasing to exist.

πŸŽ₯ Showtimes6 July 2020 at 10.30pm, 9 July 2020 at 3.30pm, 12 July at 10pm
πŸ‘Ά Rated(PG)
πŸ•™ Runtime116 minutes

The Goonies
Set in the gorgeous small town of Astoria, Oregon, a group of young misfits dubbed The Goonies discover a 1632 doubloon and an old map and embark on a dangerous adventure to find a legendary pirate's long-lost treasure. A series of pitfalls, booby traps, and a rival group of bandits known as the Fratellis await them.

πŸŽ₯ Showtimes7 July 2020 at 11am, 12 July 2020 at 6.30pm
πŸ‘ͺ Rated(12A)
πŸ•™ Runtime114 minutes

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again
Set five years after the events of the original film, Mamma Mia! (2008), Sophie gets ready for the grand reopening of the Hotel Bella Donna while learning more secrets about her mother's past. The sequel features an all-star cast comprised of Meryl Streep, Cher, Amanda Seyfried, and more.

πŸŽ₯ Showtimes7 July 2020 at 2.30pm, 12 July 2020 at 3pm, 15 July 2020 at 10.35pm
πŸ‘Ά Rated: (PG)
πŸ•™ Runtime114 minutes

The Shining
A family heads to an isolated hotel for the winter where a sinister presence influences the father into violence, while his psychic son sees horrific forebodings from both past and future. Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall* give the performance of a lifetime in Stephen King's most popular thriller.

πŸŽ₯ Showtimes8 July 2020 at 9.45pm
πŸ‘¨ Rated(15)
πŸ•™ Runtime146 minutes

Blade Runner
A blade runner (Harrison Ford) must pursue and terminate four replicants who stole a ship in space, and have returned to Earth to find their creator.

πŸŽ₯ Showtimes9 July 2020 at 10.40pm
πŸ‘¨ Rated: (15)
πŸ•™ Runtime117 minutes

Set in the fictional town of Derry, Maine in the summer of 1989, a group of bullied kids must join forces to stop a bloodthirsty, shape-shifting monster that often takes the form of an evil clown. IT terrorises the children of Derry, feeding off their fear before devouring their souls. Can the Losers Club finally win? 

πŸŽ₯ Showtimes14 July 2020 at 10.50pm
πŸ‘¨ Rated(15)
πŸ•™ Runtime135 minutes

The maid of honour and bridesmaids compete over who's the bride's best friend while threatening to destroy the life of an out-of-work pastry chef in the process.

πŸŽ₯ Showtimes17 July 2020 at 5.10pm
πŸ‘¨ Rated(15)
πŸ•™ Runtime125 minutes

*There's no denying that The Shining is one of the scariest films of all time. But even scarier is how Shelley Duvall managed to deliver such a believable performance. The truth is both shocking and controversial. 

Apparently, behind the scenes, Stanley Kubrick mentally abused Shelley Duvall, asking the other actors and crewmembers not to talk to her and forcing her to be isolated on set. In fact, Duvall was put under so much stress that she was even forced to film 127 takes of the infamous baseball bat scene. While this paid off in creating a realistic sense of fear, Shelley Duvall never recovered from the exhaustion and abuse she experienced whilst filming The Shining. But to boycott the film would be a travesty on all the hard work she put into it, which is why we hope you enjoy the film from this different perspective.

Nicholas Ephram Ryan Daniels

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